What’s “It”  you ask?

I GRADUATED from Nursing School!

I'm a NURSE!

I’m a NURSE!

My Nursing Pins!

My Nursing Pins!

This past Friday I graduated from Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences (that’s a mouthful, I know) with my Associate’s Degree in Nursing! My ULTIMATE dream has come true! I have worked so long and hard for this moment to finally be here. My proudest moment!

Now that I am done with school (only for a little while), I can finally start focusing on running once again! Running had to take a backseat to Nursing school because everything that I had to endure to prepare for finals. While, I missed running so much, it was necessary if I wanted to pass and graduate. Nursing school has been all about sacrifice and I had been doing pretty good juggling both school and running, but the last month and a half of school was BRUTAL and I had to give up ALL extras and sadly that including running.

This coming Monday morning I start my training from the beginning. I’m going back to the basics! I have had to go over my strategy in my head the past few days and have decided that starting over is the only way to go because if I just try to go out there and run my usual 3-5 miles, I’m going to be very disappointed when I don’t do as well as I used to.

I haven’t ran since my last race in the middle of October and even though I’m not completely out of shape, I still have to be realistic in the fact that it is much colder now and I haven’t ran in so long, I need to train my body to run in these conditions along with get back into my usual groove.

I cannot wait to get started!

Happy Saturday/Sunday!



Here's my reason for EVERYTHING I do! Love him!

Here’s my reason for EVERYTHING I do! Love him!