I’m a lazy bum…

I haven’t ran in a month…

A whole FREAKING month!

Here’s my excuse: Nursing School.

I know there’s really no excuse. I’ve been running since February and I have always been able to find time to get runs in, but in all honesty, this past month has been rough. I’ve got one more class and then finals and then I graduate!! And then it will be back to my regularly scheduled runs!

Here’s the kicker: I’ve got 2 races coming up back to back next week. One is a 2 mile Turkey Trot race for my son’s school on Wednesday and the second is a Turkey Trot 5k onThanksgiving day in the morning.

I am in no shape prepared for either one of these races, let alone both back to back. There’s really not much I can do about it at this point. With the way my schedule is up until then, I will only be able work out Sunday morning (after working midnights the night before) or Tuesday morning.

Not really sure if I will be able to handle those days to work out because on top of having no time because of school, I have tweaked my lower back somehow and have been in excruciating pain for the last 2-3 days. To the point where I can barely walk in the morning…

I’m excited for my races though. After Thursday I will be up to race #15!! Can you all believe that?

I have one race scheduled in December and that will be #16. Still can’t believe that I will have completed this many races since March. That accomplishment feels pretty great 😉

I just have to get through the next 2 races next week and then I can really celebrate. Wish me (and my injured back) luck!!

Happy Saturday!


The next week should be quite interesting.



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