Proud Momma!


I’ve got the Hall of Fame City Challenge 10k in the morning and I am PUMPED!! My running Bestie, Sarah, is running the Half-Marathon (her first!!!!) and we’ve been excited/nervous all day long. Race starts at 6am tomorrow.

I went to the Expo earlier today and was super close to changing my registration to the Half-Marathon, but then decided against it because the reason I chose the 10k in the first place was because the route goes right in front of my mom and uncle’s house and my son would be able to cheer me on (and give me a good luck kiss) as I ran by. Also the last part of the race takes me through the park and up to the McKinley Monument where I run all the time.

I am hoping to PR, but I haven’t ran as much this past week due to being sick with a sinus infection over last weekend and just life being busy in general with nursing school, a hurt dog (she’s okay now), an my stepfather having hip surgery. I did get 7.25 miles in on Wednesday which is the farthest I’ve gone at one time. So fingers are crossed!

Here are some pictures from my son, Antonio’s race the Hall of Fame City Challenge Kids Event. He came in 2nd place in the 100 meter dash, attended a kids boot camp and completed an obstacle course! It was a great event and he was so excited to get his Finisher Medal!





I am one proud Momma!

Happy Saturday!!



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