Today I ran my very first 10k race!


And of course my running buddy, Sarah, was with me to help keep me motivated! Here we are before the race.


And after…



This race was a rough one. When we signed up, it described the course as an easy one with “rolling” hills…yeah they lied. The whole course was full of massive hills, that I definitely was NOT prepared for. #damnhills

I was doing pretty good up until I hit mile 4 and then my poor legs were toast. It was hard to run, but I tried my hardest. I kept going. My problem was my head…it kept telling me that my legs hurt too much to go on, but my heart kept telling me to keep going. I needed to finish strong. My goal time was 1hr and 20 min. I had run this far this past Monday and did it in 1hr and 19min, but that was on a completely flat course that I run all the time. I was familiar with that course and this one with all the hills was such a challenge.

I finished the race in 1hr and 20 min and 43 sec…not exactly what I wanted, but I am more than pleased with what I did because those #damnhills did force me to slow my pace and I finished only 43 seconds past my goal. I think that’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


This was the last race I’ve got on the schedule until the Akron Half-Marathon at the end of September. Though, with the way Sarah and I’ve been signing up for all these last minute races, I’m sure I will be doing at least 2 more before then.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the gym for some strength training for my legs and some cardio.

Happy Sunday!


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