Busy Busy!



This past Sunday, I ran in the Derby Downs 5k that my friend, Sarah, and I signed up for at the end of last week at the very last minute. I talked my old roommate, also a Sara, into running with us (“Come on, it’s ONLY 3 miles!”). We all did amazing and Sara even ended up taking 3rd place in our age group (I was 4th!). Okay it was the first year for the race and there weren’t that many in our age group and Sara was very shocked and didn’t believe it when they called her name to come up to receive her trophy. I was very proud of her, as well Sarah and I.

This 5k was no joke. Big, BIG hills, both up and down. Running down hills aren’t too hard, but when you’re running down a soap box derby hill with such a steep incline, you become afraid you’re going to trip and roll down the hill. Or least that’s how I felt, so I took my time down the hills and I power walked up the last gigantic hill, which may be why my calves hurt for 3 days after the race. Overall time was just over 33:15 minutes and I beat my fastest mile by 40 seconds! (10:45, down from 11:25!!!)

Sarah and I crossed the finish line together which was cool because she’s my partner in crime, my inspiration, and my sole sister when it comes to all things fitness, especially running. I am so proud of how far both of us have come and I can’t wait to see where this all leads…

Which actually it leads to us signing up for a 10k on August 3rd (WHAT?). I know it’s in progression for our half-marathon training, but as soon as I submitted payment on the race registration, I felt instantly nervous. Obviously I’m doing this to finish, not for a timed goal, but it it takes me forever to finish, then I know I’ll be crushed.

The farthest I’ve gone is 4.24 miles and I did that in 53 minutes and that’s not that bad because that was with a lot of walking…so I don’t know. We’re just going to have to wait it out and hope for the best.

This past week was crazy busy. It started Monday when I had to rush to the Cleveland Clinic to be with my Uncle Ray who has heart issues and has taken a turn for the worst. Thankfully at the moment it is stable and doing good, but he is scheduled for an experimental surgery this coming Monday.

Also this week was the last week of classes with next week being finals week. I had a few tests and quizzes this week, as well as clinical, papers and such. And of course I’m working Friday and Saturday 12 hour night shift.

It’s never ending. Always something going on. Busy busy! Can’t wait to have a day when there is nothing to do.

Happy Saturday!






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