Last Minute Race Sign-up!


I just signed up last minute for a 5k that is this Sunday morning and I couldn’t be more excited! Especially since I had a bad few days in regards to my half-marathon training.

My chiropractor appointment this past Monday, left me in a TON of pain and I was very uncomfortable for all of the day on Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday. I was able to run a little bit on Wednesday afternoon, but I didn’t push it because I didn’t want to chance ruining it.

This morning I was feeling just overly tired so I decided that since Thursdays are my scheduled rest day, I was going to take it. So I did and so far I’ve been okay, but just feeling a little down about not training as much this week.

So that’s when I talked to my friend Sarah and we decided that what we needed was a race. We both always feel amazing after we do one and I know it is just what I need to get out of my slump. I already feel better knowing that it’s coming up 😁

Wish me luck!

Happy Thursday!



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