Amazing Week in Running πŸ˜Ž

I want to start this post by saying that I SHOULD be working on my 4 page paper on Family Centered Care in Pediatrics and Obstetrics that’s due tomorrow…I’ve got the title page done…I’m overly distracted today for some reason, so I’m walking away for a few minutes to clear my head and then I’ll go back to it…eventually πŸ™‚

Oh well #nursingschoolproblems right?

This past week has been a great week for my half-marathon training. Even though I was extra busy with my son being in Science Day Camp (Camp Invention) and having Cub Scouts every night last week.

Monday and Tuesday I made it to the gym super early in the morning and got my miles in before I started my day. Wednesday night I wasn’t able to get to the gym till late in the evening and it wasn’t my best run, but I got through it. Thursday was rest day and Friday I ran 4.11 miles and I did it 5 minutes faster than last week! It felt good! Friday night I worked 7p-7a, but I still managed to run 3 miles Saturday morning in the park when I got off before I went to bed for the day.

This morning after work I went to the gym with my mom so I could start my strength training up again. I had stopped a few weeks ago when I hurt my shoulder in an unfortunate (and weird) Zumba accident (okay, there was no “accident” I just overdid it with the arm movements in combination with the jumping). After 3+ weeks of pain and one emergency room visit later, I finally got in to the chiropractor and two visits in, my shoulder feels pretty great. I still have a few more visits to do more therapy with it, but so far I’m pretty happy with the results.

The next three weeks are as always going to be super busy between school, work, and my son’s activities so I had to come up with a plan so that I won’t let my half training suffer. Only 75 days till the Akron 1/2 Marathon!

This is what my crazy week looks like for me:
Monday- 3 miles at the gym @5am; Class 9-2:15; 2:30 appointment at the chiropractor; 7:15pm Zumba.
Tuesday- 4 miles at the gym @5am; No class (yay!); 7:45 Zumba.
Wednesday- 3 miles at the gym @4am; 7-3 Clinical
Thursday- Strength training @4am; 7-1 Clinical; Class 2-3:30; 4pm appointment at the chiropractor
Friday- 4 miles at the gym @5am; 10am hair appointment (FINALLY); Class 2-3:30; Work 7p-7a
Saturday- 3 miles at the park
Sunday- Strength training

Did you get all that?

Time to get back to work!

Happy Sunday!




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