Well I did a number on my shoulder yesterday and ended up in the emergency room and not because I wanted to. My mom MADE me 😦

I originally injured it a little over a week and half ago in the middle of my Zumba class. Halfway through class I’m dancing and sweating my butt off when I realized that my arms hurt. Couldn’t figure out why they would hurt because I’m used to working them out like that. After class ended, I realized that it was only my right arm and not even my arm, but my shoulder. Ouch.

That night I figured I had just strained it and it would be better the next day or two…but of course I was wrong. After 4 days it was still sore. Not sore all the time, but when I would move my arm a certain way I could feel some pain. It wasn’t too bad and since I have a high tolerance for pain I decided to just live with it. Plus, I knew I had a doctors appointment coming up and if it was still hurting by that time then I would say something to my doctor.

So I told my doctor about it on Friday and she figured I had pulled the muscle that is under the deltoid muscle (I don’t remember the name because it’s not a major muscle, but anyway) and she could feel it spasming. She gave me a script for a muscle relaxer along with a referral to a chiropractor/massage therapist and then reassured me that I was okay to continue to run even if it was hurting since I had been running with it for a week and half by that point.

So Saturday morning I got off of work at 7:30am and I had decided to go home to bed and not run since I had been up for 29+ hours by then. I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go for a quick run on the track across the street from my mom’s house.

I was feeling pretty good during my run until I got about a mile and a half in when I felt my shoulder kind of jar and I got a shooting pain. I slowed down to a walk and realized that I could barely move my whole arm up and down and I had to hold it up. So I held it to my chest and walked the last half mile to my mom’s house wincing in pain.

My mom tried to have me move it and she even tried massaging it which made it feel worse. She could feel a knot and wanted to work it out, but i couldn’t let her because it hurt that much. That’s when she told me we were going to the emergency room.

The ER docs couldn’t do much for me since I hadn’t originally injured it that day (umm…okay) and were quick to prescribe me Vicodin for pain even though I told them I didn’t want it (I have this weird thing about taking pain medication…it’s hard to explain. I just don’t like to take it if I absolutely don’t have to). They then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon because they said I would need an MRI to rule out and rotator cuff injury. Yikes…

When I got home that day I took a muscle relaxer that my doc originally prescribe with some Motrin and went to bed with a heating pad on it. I slept ALL day and felt pretty good for the rest of the night at work. I will just keep alternating Motrin and Tylenol for the pain, as needed.

So…I guess I have to call the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow…boo…

I’m not stopping my half marathon training though…they never said I should or have to restrict my activity…okay, I didn’t ask. BUT I told all the nurses and the doctors that I regularly workout and if they were doing their jobs properly, then they would have told me to take a break, right? So I’m taking the fact that they didn’t say anything to me about restrictions means I’m okay to continue πŸ˜‰

With that being said, today was a cross-training day with no running. I did some weight-lifting (light weights, nothing that would hurt my shoulder), along with some squats, ab work, and then did 3 miles on a bike. All and all I felt pretty good when I left the gym.

Tomorrow is a 3 mile run day and I’m planning on running outside as long as the weather isn’t too hot/humid. Then I have Zumba tomorrow night and it will be my first night back since I hurt my shoulder.

4th of July race is only 4 days away!

Wish me luck!



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