Oh boy…the half-marathon training has begun…

Today was my first run of my half-marathon training. After taking yesterday off from running, I was excited to get outside and get started. I decided to just take my time today and enjoy the run. It felt pretty darn good.

This week there is no Zumba class (BOO!) so I have to find other things to keep myself moving. Here is what I’ve come up with:

A few of my friends are doing the 30 day ab challenge this month, but this girl cannot do a sit-up to save her life. So I found at 30 day squat challenge that starts at 50 squats and works you up to 250 squats by the end of the month with a rest day every 4th day. Since today is the 3rd day of the month and I’m starting a few days late, I decided to just go ahead and start on day 3 of the challenge and did 60 squats. I broke it up in sets of 20 so it didn’t hurt too bad.

Then I did some planks which I need to work on because 1. I have never done one before and 2. I don’t know if I’m doing them correctly. I also did a few other leg exercises that involve using a wall that I stole off my friend Sarah (she has such great ideas and is a big inspiration to me).

This is how I feel after my squats today :)

This is how I feel after my squats today 🙂

One thing that I know I need to work on is my diet. I know that since I’ve been running so much and working out, I basically can eat whatever I want. The problem is that I’m not eating enough and I think that affects my energy level on my runs. And with the half-marathon training, I’m going to be increasing my miles each week, so I know that I HAVE to increase my energy as well. I am aware that I need to eat something before and after I run, but it is so hard because I don’t seem to have any sort of appetite before OR after I run. So I have decided that I need to plan my meals better and start tracking my intake so that I can make sure that I’m getting enough calories, protein, and carbs to keep my strength and energy up for all this working out that I am doing…it’s not going to be easy for me, but I am going to try…

Yes, yes, yes, yes, AND yes!



The steps of doom...

The steps of doom…

This is the McKinley Monument and it is where I spend most of my time running. Everyday I am there, I see people running up and down these steps like it’s their job and they do it with so much ease and what looks like little effort. I try to walk up the darn things and I can barely make it halfway up before I feel like I could die. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it is not a pleasant experience for me. One day here soon, I will joining those other people running up those steps with ease. I cannot WAIT for that day!!



I sure hope so...

I sure hope so..




3 thoughts on “Oh boy…the half-marathon training has begun…

  1. I track my intake and am always shocked at how few calories I eat compared to my burn rate. I still struggle to get enough quality calories in- which sounds crazy! who wouldnt want to need to eat MORE?! Fueling our bodies is super important. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  2. I love Gu during long runs (it’s the only gel supplement I can stomach… I actually LIKE their flavors!) but as far as before/after runs… I’m always hungry, so I don’t have anything to say as far as before a run, maybe a granola bar? After runs, I’ve found a great protein powder that I drink immediately after to start my recovery, re-hydrate, and get some protein/carbs in me immediately: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/FLD101/

    Good luck with training!!

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