Almost there…


May 30th…only one more day of running before hitting my goal of #runeverydayinMay. When I started at the beginning of the month, I really didn’t think that I would do it. I figured something would get in my way and keep me from finishing out the month, but I was able to make time to run
It was not easy because there were a few days that I really didn’t feel like going and those were usually the days when I couldn’t start my day out with my run. Being able to run first thing in the morning gives me the boost to tackle almost anything during the day. On the days that I can’t run till the afternoon, I spent worrying all day if I was going to be able to get my run in before the day was over. And then usually by the afternoon it was so humid that I had to push my way through to get it done.
I am not complaining about running every day this month. It was a goal I set for myself and I actually enjoyed every minute of it. It is going to be nice to have two rest days during the week and if a day I’m suppose to run has a conflict that arises and I can’t run that day, then I will just run on the rest day to make up for it.
Bring on June!

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