So I just went through the half-marathon training schedule and paired it up with my schedule for the summer…

I’m not going to have any problem running on the days that I have to train, but I’m not going to lie, I started having second thoughts and I haven’t even officially started the training yet. Oh my…what am I getting myself into?

Am I backing out? Hell-freaking-NO! I’m going to do this. I have to at least try because if I didn’t, then I would regret it.

So that’s all…just had to get that off my chest.



One thought on “Training…

  1. You will do it and you will be great!!!!
    I’ve threatened to cancel about a MILLION times….at least. But I won’t.
    That is because…..
    I don’t try. I DO!!!!

    Don’t give up. Even if we have to walk, we WILL cross that finish line with pride!!!!!!

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